Minigun "desktop" trainer

HIT TeamPopularised in science fiction films such as Terminator 2 and Predator, the Dillon Minigun is an electrically-powered weapon capable of delivering 3000+ belt-fed 7.62mm rounds per minute.

Following experiences in Operation TELIC, the Royal Navy has fitted variants of the Minigun to a number of its vessels, for close-range combat and ship protection purposes. The experimental game-based trainer was developed as part of the HFI DTC research programme by a Birmingham MEng student, and addressed a number of key issues, including the torque-induced “kick-down” effect when fired.

Delivering such a trainer in desktop form could offer greater benefits for familiarisation or refresher training, especially onboard RN Vessels on operational assignments. The serious games simulator was developed following human factors analyses of Minigun aiming and firing activities onboard the coastal survey vessel HMS Roebuck and the Type 42 Destroyer HMS Edinburgh.