Wembury Docks 1909

HIT TeamIn 1909, a proposal was put forward to construct a huge passenger and commercial port within Wembury Bay in South Devon, to rival the established and growing docks at Liverpool and Southampton.

The port was to comprise breakwaters extending far out into the bay, four jetties, dry docks and even a railway terminus. The proposal was put before the House of Lords, who rejected the scheme. Today, Wembury Bay is part of the National Trust and is classified as one of South Devon’s Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, however Virtual Reality techniques can be used to bring the original proposal “to life”, and to understand the impact the dock would have had on the area, had the proposal been accepted.

The intention is to modify and extend the existing Virtual Wembury VR model  and to investigate the technical challenges of implementing large area Augmented Reality representations using tablet computers, together with GPS data and geographical feature recognition.