Our people - Metamaterials Engineering Lab

Head of the Metamaterials Engineering Laboratory

Dr Feresidis leads research on electromagnetic metamaterial structures and their applications to antennas, microwave, mm-wave and THz circuits. He is an expert on the analysis and design of artificial periodic metamaterials, electromagnetic band gap (EBG) structures and frequency selective surfaces (FSS), high-gain and base station antennas, leaky wave antennas, small/compact antennas, computational electromagnetics, microwave/mm-wave/THz circuits and medical imaging systems.


James Churm, Research Fellow in the Microfabrication of Millimetre-wave Circuits

Currently working on low-loss phase shifters for millimetre-wave and terahertz systems. Utilising microfabrication processes to realise the small geometries required for metamaterials at these frequencies.

Dr Muhammad Saqib Rabbani

Dr Muhammad Saqib Rabbani

Research Fellow

Department of Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering

Muhammad Saqib Rabbani is Research Fellow in millimetre-wave wireless technologies. He has published over 40 research papers in scientific journals and conferences in the fields of Doppler radar for remote vital signs detection, millimetre wave and terahertz antenna technologies, metamaterial techniques and multi-Gbits/sec wireless networks.

+44 (0) 121 414 2209
Designing low-loss, beam steerable antenna for millimetre wave and terahertz systems for next generation 5G networks.

Thomas Thatapudi, Ph.D. candidate currently studying active microwave components

Analysing, designing and fabricating Negative Group Delay networks for portable devices and wireless communications.

Despoina Kampouridou, Ph.D. candidate currently studying Broadband High-gain Metasurface Antennas

Analysis and design of novel leaky-wave antennas based on periodic and non-periodic patterns.

Anastasios Christodoulides,Ph.D. candidate currently studying Microwave and Millimetre-wave Antennas (in collaboration with BAE Systems – iCASE award)

Developing millimetre-wave phase shifters using novel tuneable technologies for use with EHF beam steering antennas. Working in collaboration with BAE Systems to develop next generation microwave and millimetre wave antennas.

Evangelos Vassos, Ph.D. candidate currently studying Millimetre-wave Devices

Looking at millimetre-wave designs, optimised for state-of-the-art semiconductor technology; aiming to characterise varactor performance at these frequencies and beyond. Also developing millimetre-wave and terahertz metamaterial sensors.