Microwave Integrated Systems Laboratory

The Microwave Integrated Systems Laboratory (MISL) was founded in 2003 with one PhD and one MPhil student. Currently, we are the biggest academic research team in the UK working in radar and remote sensing.

MISL is led by Professors Mike Cherniakov (Head), Mike Antoniou, Chris Baker and Marina Gashinova.

Our scientists and engineers work on a wide range of radar  technology including: passive synthetic aperture and real time radars, automotive sensors, Low-THz radar, forward scatter radar, MIMO technology, cognitive signal processing, radars for both drone payload and detection, automatic target recognition, and integrated sensors systems for autonomous platforms and robotics.  We lead research on the development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

Many other radar challenges are also the focus of our research, from blue sky quantum research to medium TRL level R&D.

A total of 30 people work for our team at present, including: three full time professors, one senior lecturer, one senior research fellow, two honorary professors, between six and eight postdoctoral fellows, 10-15 PhD students and a number of visiting academics and researchers.

Our annual turnover is typically £1-1.2m, comprised of grants as well as contracts from EPSRC, BAE Systems, DSTL, Jaguar Land Rover, Innovate UK, H2020, ESA, UK SA and others.

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