Our Facilities

Below is a selection of the research facilities developed and used by MISL team members.

MISL mobile test laboratory

A Side view of the Microwave Integrated Systems Laboratory (MISL) mobile laboratory vanfully capable mobile laboratory to conduct measurements in automotive scenarios with our state-of-the-art mm-wave and sub-THz sensing suite composed of radars, lidar, camera and inertial measurement unit.Front view of MISL Mobile Laboratory

CubeSat assembly, integration and verification (AIV) facility

Group of five researchers working in the Cube Sat facility

A new ESD-safe facility for AIV and functional testing of 1U to 3U CubeSats for educational and payload technology demonstration purposes. 1U CubeSat Engineering Model developed in collaboration with industrial partners ISISpace (Delft, the Netherlands).

UoB Anechoic chamber for controlled experiments and radar calibrations

Anechoic chamberState-of-the-art anechoic chamber at the University of Birmingham to calibrate radar sensors and test developed algorithms in a controlled environment.

Indoor pool facility for controlled measurements

The indoor pool allows us to generate various types of waves, with different amplitudes and wavelengths which is used to estimate the effect of surface and clutter on the backscatter from targets.

Indoor pool