Mapping the Future - Charting the research potential of the UoB Cartography Collection

Michael Tippet Room Staff House
Friday 15 September 2017 (09:00-16:30)

To register to attend this workshop please email Lauren Rawlins.



Following the recent ‘spatial turn’ in the social sciences and humanities, cutting edge academic research on issues such as territory, boundaries, mapping and representation has greatly increased.  This makes the GEES cartographic collection an under-utilised resource that is ideally placed to:

(a) Provide material sources for future research projects
(b) Act as a hub for cross-campus research collaboration
(c) Offer new synergies for UoB in delivering wider public and civic engagement. 

This IAS workshop will bring together academics from across UoB, along with people from related external institutions to:

  1. Explore the scope of the collection
  2. Identify a series of short-term projects aimed at demonstrating the potential of the collection for research and teaching purposes
  3. Determine medium- and long-term opportunities for utilising the mapping and archival collections
  4. Identity pathways to impact enabling the wider dissemination and utilisation of the holdings
  5. Consider possible additional funding opportunities to facilitate this process.

 Themes to be explored are:

  • Mapping and conflict
  • Historical and ideological constructs of space and borders
  • Children and mapping
  • Birmingham Past and Present
  • Global geopolitics and cartography
  • The art of mapping