Designing Research on the Governance of Renewable Natural Resources in Developing Countries

Michael Tippet Room
Thursday 11 May 2017 (09:00-16:30)

For further details or to register to attend this workshop please contact Lauren Rawlins



Dr Fiona Nunan

Governance of renewable natural resources very often involves collaboration between government, resource users and many parts and levels of government. While good policies and legislation are often in place, governance approaches have not always delivered on sustainability or improved livelihoods. Lack of capacity in government and communities, inadequate coordination between sectors and levels, and lack of accountability are some of the challenges documented, as well as prevalent corruption and inadequate devolution of power and resources.

The workshop will provide the opportunity for researchers from across the University to come together, with key external researchers, policy makers and stakeholders,to identify areas of synergy and potential collaboration. Of particular interest is to bring in a natural science dimension and generate ideas for innovative data collection and pathways to impact activities, particularly through the co-production of knowledge with government departments responsible for natural resources and with resource users.