2050 Childhoods - Working with Children: A Kitbag Approach

Alan Walters AWPG-103
Monday 3 June 2019 (10:00-15:00)

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Kitbag with roll

Children’s mental health and wellbeing is a global public health concern, reflected in contemporary debates about the type of childhood experiences that impact on life-long health. Practitioners, parents and carers who work directly with children have the opportunity to identify children in need of support, and there is sometimes a gap in enabling them to respond creatively.  In this day workshop we will explore the different ways in which practitioners, parents/carers and researchers might work with children; using a ‘Kitbag’ approach to open up and support difficult or sensitive conversations. Key note speakers will share their experiences of using Kitbag and facilitate the workshop through practical demonstrations and theoretical insights

Together we will explore:

  • How a Kitbag approach might help professionals creatively communicate with children
  • What professionals say they need to help support their direct work with children
  • The role of arts and humanities in supporting child mental health and wellbeing
  • Opportunities for advancing interdisciplinary research in direct work with children
  • Methodological issues – how do we measure child wellbeing?

Keynote Speakers:

Dr Margaret Hannah – International Futures Forum

Kitbag was developed by Dr Margaret Hannah and the International Futures Forum – a small charity in Scotland - in response to the World Economic Forum request to investigate what might be done to address the growing burden of stress, distress and disease in families, communities, workplaces. Kitbag is described as a set of resources to help develop our inner capacity for mindfulness, calm, resilience, compassion, relationship, reflection and so on - as individuals, in families, groups, teams and organisations. It has been used successfully in many settings - notably in schools and for families.  

Dr Maria Clark – University of Birmingham

Maria Clark is a Lecturer in Nursing at the University of Birmingham. She is a health visitor and midwife by background and she has used Kitbag in a variety of settings and contexts since 2009. Maria is currently exploring the role of Kitbag is supporting multi-professionals who work directly with women and children affected by abuse.

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