Follow That Trajectory!

Chem Eng G35
Wednesday 8 May 2019 (16:00-17:00)

For further information please contact C. R. K. Windows-Yule


SPEAKER: Dr Kay Buist, Eindhoven University of Technology

Multiphase flows are encountered in many natural phenomena (hail/dust storm, landslides, sedimentation) and a large amount of industrial processes (polymerization, gasification, water treatment, metallurgy, spray drying).  In a large part of the process industry these systems can be regarded as (dense) dispersed multiphase flows, with identifiable particles, droplets or bubbles. Because these flows are relatively dense, they are often opaque and optical techniques will not be able to determine bulk flow properties, such as the mass flux, clustering and orientation, segregation/mixing, particle growth/consumption, to name a few. For granular flows a few measurement techniques are available, amongst which particle tracking techniques are well known.  In this seminar we will discuss the development of measurement techniques for multiphase flow, with a particular emphasis on granular flow and particle tracking techniques.