Workshop Archives 2012

IAS Suite 624th May - Researching Africa and the development of the Africa Hub Website

Workshop leader: Dr Benedetta Rossi


13050398-superdiversity22nd June - Superdiversity

Workshop leader: Jenny Phillimore


iStock000021178612XSmall-languages-of-memory27th June - Languages of memory

Workshop leaders: Dr Joanne Sayner and Dr Paul Miller


IAS Suite 727th June - Evaluating Behaviour Change Interventions in Social Policy

Workshop leader: Professor Kathryn Ecclestone


iStock000018887230Small-wellbeing11th July - Evaluating Policy and Practice Interventions that Aim to Develop Wellbeing and Resilience

Workshop leaders: Kathryn Ecclestone, Lydia Lewis, Jerry Tew


iStock000016749067XSmall-robot11th July - The Birmingham Hand

Workshop leader: Dr Rustam Stolkin

IAS Suite 114th July - Vulnerability, Justice and the Responsive State

Workshop leader: Professor Sean Coyle

IAS Suite 216th July - Trans-disciplinary approaches to Physical Activity Promotion in Older Adults

Workshop leader: Dr Cecilie Thøgersen-Ntoumani


IAS Suite 319th-20th July - Infection

Workshop leader: Professor Mark Pallen


IAS Suite 424th July - Cell Therapy

Workshop leader: Professor Jon Frampton


iStock000017490436XSmall-nutrition24th July - From Starters to Main Courses

Workshop leader: Professor Janice Thompson


IAS Suite 510th September - Territorial and Non-Territorial Autonomies

Workshop leader: Dr Gulara Guliyeva


IAS Suite 6-211th September - Female sexuality as subject: culture, policy and practice

Workshop leader: Dr Nicki Ward


iStock000016629551Medium-dance12th September - Dance Medicine and Science research and expertise in Birmingham and beyond

Workshop leaders: Dr Eleanor Quested, Professor Joan Duda and Dr Jennifer Cumming


IAS Suite 7-217th-18th September - Regeneration economies in an age of uncertainty: Transformation, Innovation and Economic Growth

Workshop leaders: Professor John Bryson and Dr Lauren Andres


IAS Suite 1-321st September - Disability, Austerity and Inequality: Overcoming Discrimination in the 21st Century

Workshop leader: Dr Qulsom Fazil


IAS Suite 2-228th September - Carbohydrate Recognition

Workshop leader: John Fossey


iStock000003781332XSmall-health-and-happiness28th September - Health and Happiness

Workshop leaders: Professor Heather Widdows, Dr Lisa Bortolotti and Professor Jean McHale


Expanding-Public-Engagement-in-Science-and-Research-220x16512th October - Expanding public engagement in science and research

Workshop leader: Dr Sabi Redwood


ias-hydrohazards-220x16517th October - Hydrohazards: extremes, environment and people

Workshop leader: Professor David Hannah


iStock000017866129XSmall-decision-making29th-30th October - Human decision making under uncertainty

Workshop leaders: Dr Ulrik Beierholm, Professor Brit Grosskopf, Professor Rajiv Sarin and Professor Andrew Howes


IAS Suite 3-21st November - Fine Art Curatorship in the Regions

Workshop leader: Professor Matthew Rampley


complaining-medicine2nd-3rd November - Complaining about Medicine, c.1700-2000

Workshop leader: Dr Jonathan Reinarz


IAS Suite 4-221st November - Cycling for Health and Sustainability

Workshop leader: Dr François-Xavier Li


London-2012-stadium-220x16530th November-1st December - Leveraging the legacies of sports mega-events

Workshop leaders: Dr Jonathan Grix and Dr Ian D. Boardley


iStock000001097848XSmall-perfect-people30th November - Perfect People

Workshop leaders: Jean McHale and Heather Widdows


translational-biomaterials-220x16510th December - Translational Biomaterials – From Scientific Innovation to Clinical Translation

Workshop leader: Dr Liam Grover