Workshop Archives 

This is a list of previous IAS workshops and events that have already taken place. IAS workshops are typically one day in length and topics are be cross-disciplinary, bringing together expertise from across the breadth of our University.




15th-16th December - Localizing Water-Energy-Food Nexus Innovation in Qatar

25th November - Macrophage heterogeneity in resolving atherosclerosis and obesity: convergence and divergence

20th November - Macrophages in Health and Disease

20th November - Hydro-hazards in New Zealand: from alpine water towers to water-scarce drylands

19th November - Rebuilding Laboratories

14th November - 'Hiding in plain sight': new data and methods helping to illuminate illicit and informal flows

13th November - Place Matters: Exploring New Sites of the Humanities Practices

8th November - Rethinking the Racial Politics of Decadence: Taking Wilde to Sri Lanka and Beardsley to Harlem

29th October - Research for Development in the C21st: what do we need from a Global Challenges Research Fund

27th September - Resilience and the future of UK Treescapes

23rd September - Exploring interdisciplinary approaches towards mental health, well-being and forced displacement: lessons from across the Globe

20th September - An historical perspective on elevated CO2 research: Early insights guiding today's research agenda

18th September - First and Second Generation Impacts of the Biafran War

26th June - Thinking with Animals

24th June - Planetary Health

13th-14th June - Anonymity: Past, Present and Futures unknown

8th June - Star Machines – Vibrations of the Universe

3rd June - 2050 Childhoods - Working with Children: A Kitbag Approach

20th May - The ASPIRE project: Analysing migrant and refugee women's experiences of domestic violence in Australia

16th May - The Human Right to Mental Health: from global policies to the Brazilian context.

16th-17th May - Terrorspheres. The sensitive experience of XXI century urban security

15th May - Book Launch: Clara Rachel Eybalin Casseus

14th May - Supporting resilience and social inclusion for young people of refugee backgrounds: An Australian case study

9th May - Eyewitness memory for events: the role of trauma and intoxicatio

8th May - Hydrologic Exchange Along River Corridors: Its Nested Nature and Characteristic Spatial and Temporal Scales

8th May - Follow That Trajectory!

26th March - CERN: A Collective Machinery to Test Laws Against Nature

26th March - A Physicist's Search for Simplicity and Unity

21st March - Mixing Water, Transducing Energy, Shaping Membranes: Far from Equilibrium Biological Interfaces

21st March - Alfred Nobel and the Nobel Prizes

21st March - Making Sense of Corruption - Cancelled

21st March - Inaugural Grace Frankland Memorial Lecture

21st March - Race, Inclusion and Excellence in Law Schools: A Perspective From Three Continents

20th March - Bringing Genomic Data into Historical Research

20th March - On the Phases of Gravity

20th March - The Frontiers of Fundamental Physics

19th-27th March - 3rd UBIAS Intercontinental Academia - Academic Profiles

19th-27th March - 3rd UBIAS Intercontinental Academia

19th-27th March - 3rd UBIAS Intercontinental Academia

18th March - Perspectives in Chemistry: From Supramolecular Chemistry towards Adaptive Chemistry

18th March - Human Well Being and Economic Accounting

5th March - Myths, Mysteries and Science of Edible Bird's Nest

1st March - Call for Papers: Anonymity: Past, Present and Futures Unknown

7th February - The Citizen in Citizen Science

7th February - Humour and Resilience in the Face of (everyday) Global Challenges


17th December - Water-Energy-Food Nexus and Sustainable Development in the United Kingdom and the Middle East

13th December - Robotics-enabled Sustainable Manufacturing – IAS Lunchtime Lecture

5th December - Water-Energy-Food Nexus and Sustainable Development: Law and Governance Innovations for Integrated Decision-Making

5th December - Short-term rentals and the housing market: Quasi-experimental evidence from Airbnb in Los Angeles – IAS Public Lecture

20th November - Children's Engagement with Digital Technologies: Implications for Health and Wellbeing

16th-17th November - Methodological Advances in the Study of Civil War and Political Violence

8th November - Representing Home: Art, Visual Culture, and the Interdisciplinary Study of Home

24th October - Network Medicine

22nd October - Models of infectious disease transmission with complex pathogen and population characteristics

17th October - The World in the Year 1000: When Globalization Began

16th October - Globalisation in the Year 1000 and Lessons for the Present

19th September - New Advances in Biological Mass Spectrometry

10th September - Introduction to Inter-Continental Academia (ICA): global networks and interdisciplinary research

4th September - Perspectives and experiences of intersectoral systems-based approaches to childhood obesity prevention

27th-28th August - Brain stimulation and its applications to memory: best practice

6th July - Suicide and self-harm in children and young people: An interdisciplinary approach to prevention

29th June - Data Sciences, Artificial Intelligence and the Turing Institute

21st June - Interdisciplinary Reflections on Adversities, Trauma and Resilience

6th June - (Dis)Connect: Privacy in a Digital Age

1st June - Humanhood – Dance Meets Science

17th-18th May - Understanding and Fighting Gender Inequality

16th May - Seeing, feeling, and showing bodies-in-place: on reflexivity and multi-sensory mediations

10th May - Bodies 2.0. Embodied processes and technologies in the flows of urban capitalism

2nd May - Empowerment Inc.: Can corporations really 'empower' women, and do we even want them to?

20th April - Molecular architecture and engineering – Nano-scale craftsmanship using organometallic chemistry

19th-27th March - 3rd UBIAS Intercontinental Academia

19th-27th March - Update on ICA 3 - Laws: An Intellectual Adventure

12th-14th March - Qualitative Comparative Analysis and Process Tracing

6th March - Toward a Political Geography of Abortion

27th February - Spatiality and Abortion Travel

27th February - View from a Vanguard – Dr Sydney Calkin

12th February - Putting Patients at the Heart of Healthcare

7th February - Dancing the Dow: A matter of Truth and Knowledge boundary challenges in a contemporary world of 'climate change deniers' and 'fake news


14th December - Automated Clinical Epidemiology Studies (ACES) to bridge Public Health and Basic Science Research

11th December - Model Parameterisation in Healthcare and Life Sciences: Extracting Knowledge from Data

6th December - Building Mental Health Research Network

23rd November - Muslim Societies and Islam

22nd November - Challenges to Wellbeing – Prof Lisa Bortolotti

22nd November - Challenges to Wellbeing: The Experience of Loneliness and the Threat of Epistemic Injustice in the Clinical Encounter

9th November - Patient-reported outcomes for symptom monitoring in oncology - Lunchtime Lecture

30th October - In spitting distance: towards a University of Birmingham centre for the analysis of oral fluids

30th October - Salivaomics, Saliva Diagnostics & Saliva Liquid Biopsy

25th October - Preserving Cultural Heritages; Sustaining Social Diversities

25th-26th October - IAS UoB and TUM-IAS Joint Workshop 2017

2nd October - Transnational Medication Practices, Migration and Superdiversity

20th September - Debt and Debt Relief

15th September - Mapping the Future - Charting the research potential of the UoB Cartography Collection

13th-14th July - New Frontiers in Colloid Science

6th July - The Politics of Education in Societies in Transition: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

29th June - Environment Care: Mapping the Chemosphere

13th June - Beach Water Quality and Public Health in the North American Great Lakes: The Science, Technology & Policy Behind Beach Management

18th May - Audiences, Readers, Listeners, Users – Understanding reception in a digital age

11th May - Designing Research on the Governance of Renewable Natural Resources in Developing Countries

11th May - Accelerating Drug Repurposing in the UK

25th April - The Challenge of Interdisciplinary Research Between History and Genomics

24th April - Genomic Data and Longobard History

8th March - Jutta Thielen – del Pozo, EC Joint Research Centre Scientific Development Unit

1st March - Children and Childhood Network Inaugural Meeting

8th February - FOOD MATTERS: Sustainable Diets and Nutrition To Tackle Obesity and Diabetes in Diverse Communities

13th January - Midlands Cardiovascular Sciences (CVS)

12th January - The Mysteries of Black Holes


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