Workshop Archives 2016

BrianWillis-Cropped-110x14617th February - Big Data Lunchtime Seminar: Are predictions from test accuracy meta-analyses valid in practice? Experiences from simulating data in R when developing a validation statistic

Workshop leader: Dr Brian H. Willis (Institute of Applied Health Research)


Picture 181 (2)17th March - 'Deploying Culture and History in the Age of 'Asian Values': Material Debates on Heritage in Thailand and Elsewhere'

Workshop leaders: Professsor Michael Herzfeld and Professor Mike Robinson


postcard image17th March - 'Resisting Global Hierarchies of Value in Cultural Heritage: No Escape?'

Workshop leaders: Professor Michael Herzfeld and Professor Mike Robinson


IAS Suite 118th March - Technology Touching Life – Industry Engagement



iStock_000017692761_Full12th April - Transitions in mental health: Individual, social, cultural, and political

Workshop leaders: Professor Stephen Wood, Dr Nathan Hughes and Professor Eóin Killackey.


IAS Suite 218th May - Global Challenges 1

Workshop leaders: Professors Karen Rowlingson, Jo Duberley and Susan Hunston


tfe-0106161st June - Transnational Feminist Ethics

Workshop leader: Dr Scott Wisor


The Stunt Biker copy

2nd-3rd June - The Global Middle East in the Age of Speed

Workshop leader: Dr Simon Jackson
Programme: The Global Middle East in the Age of Speed agenda (PDF 286KB)

rabinovici7th June - String Theory: Objectives, Challenges and Magic

Workshop leader: Professor Eliezer Rabinovici


sesame7th June - SESAME: A Bright Hope for the Middle East

Workshop leaders: Sir Christopher Llewellyn-Smith and Professor Eliezer Rabinovici


Green_LoveStrangers_F158th June - 'The Love of Strangers: What Six Muslim Students Learned in Jane Austen's London'

Workshop leader: Professor Nile Green


IAS Suite 316th June - Global Challenges 2

Workshop leaders: Professors Martin Freer, Chris Miall, Paul Moss, and Jon Rowe


IAS Suite 420th-23rd June - UBIAS into Impact: Networking our academics to meet global challenges


p&p24th June - Patients with Passports and Globalisation: A Critical Time for Law, Ethics and Regulation



Chimp eating pubs off a stick20th July - Dexterity and Tool-use by Animals, Humans and Autonomous Systems

Workshop leader: Professor Chris Baber


global translation of legal cultures23rd September - Translating Legal Cultures: Issues of Legal Translation in a Globalized World

Workshop leaders:  Dr Sophie Boyron, Aleksandra Cavoski, and Karen McAuliffe


IAS Suite 529th September - BIFoR Free-Air Carbon Enrichment (FACE), GET INVOLVED, INVENT and INVEST

Workshop leader: Professor Rob MacKenzie


Radiotherapy X-ray of a hand14th November - Research in Radiotherapy

Workshop leaderProfessor Stuart Green


Kawaler198x22016th November - STEM: Scholarly publishing in the coming decades

Workshop leader: Professor Kawaler