Dr David Bending

Birmingham Fellow | Institute of Immunology and Immunotherapy


Where were you previously located?

I was previously based within the Life Sciences department at Imperial College London. I was working in the laboratory of Dr Masahiro Ono, where we established a new transgenic reporter tool, called 'Timer of cell kinetics and activity', to study T-cell responses and immune regulation. 

What attracted you to the University of Birmingham?

The University of Birmingham has a great concentration of world experts in T-cell biology and immune regulation, which complement and support my research interests. It is also enthusiastic in its support for the careers of researchers who are transitioning into independent investigators. 

What are you hoping to accomplish while in Birmingham?

I am hoping to reveal fundamental mechanisms that control the function and regulation of T-cell immune responses, and establish myself as an international authority in T-cell biology.

What medical discovery are you hoping will be achieved in your lifetime? 

Using basic immunology models, I hope to identify new candidates for immunotherapy, some of which may be translated into the clinic to benefit patients with cancer or autoimmune disease.

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