Our Centre

reproductive system diagramThe Centre for Human Reproductive Science (ChRS) is a Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) licenced centre, established in December 2006 to further develop research and innovation in fertility diagnosis and treatment, working in partnership with the Birmingham Women's Fertility Centre at Birmingham Women’s Hospital and the University of Birmingham Medical School. A particular emphasis in the biomedical research strategy is placing research and discovery in the true physiological context

The ChRS integrates infertility expertise from multi-disciplinary research collaborations worldwide and we continue to advance the understanding of all scientific and social issues related to fertility.

We are the core of one of the international research groupings studying fertilisation. We aim for constant innovation and improvement in fertility diagnosis and treatment.

The Centre for Human Reproductive Science holds a licence from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority to cover research involving of human gametes and fertilisation in biomedical research and governs these in the ChRS research Tissue Bank. Material held by the ChRS may have been taken specifically for research, may be surplus to clinical requirements, or may have been obtained from an existing archive.                

The ChRS has been ethically approved as a tissue bank by an NHS Research Ethics Committee (NRES Committee East Midlands, Derby; Ref 12/EM/0272).

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