sperm fertilising an eggThe ChRS team have made advances in various areas, these include achievements in:

  • Translational medicine, such as the invention of the male Fertell over-the-counter home fertility test.
  • The first detailed studies of ion channels in human sperm.
  • Detailed characterisation of the events occurring in sperm in response to steroid hormones, including the discovery of slow calcium oscillations, now thought to possibly regulate motility. To date the identity of the cell receptors involved has not been clearly elucidated.
  • Substantial follow-up data of children born through IVF treatment to check for increased risks associated with the treatment.
  • ChRS also has psychology collaborations to actively pursue research enabling better understanding of patient feelings and care during fertility treatment; and issues surrounding motivation to be a donor and receipt of donor gametes.

The ChRS does not directly enter into patient treatment or diagnosis being focussed upon research. These are delivered through the affiliated Birmingham Women's Fertility Centre at Birmingham Women’s Hospital

Current research projects:

Human gamete interaction and signalling...

The ChRS is an HFEA licenced centre for projects covering human gamete interaction and signalling, which will fulfil the purpose of;

-       Promoting advances in treatment of infertility

-       Developing more effective techniques of contraception

-       Increasing knowledge about the development of embryos                   

We hold National REC approval (Ref 13/EM/0272) as a tissue bank for this work. More detail can be found under the heading Reproductive Biomaterials Executive Committee (RBEC) 

HABSelect – comparing different methods of selecting sperm for ICSI...

Hab Select logoThis is a multi-centre randomised blinded controlled trial. The main aim is to test a method which may increase the number of live births from treatment and reduce miscarriage rates by using a different method of selecting ‘good’ sperm. Secondly, we want to find out more about what makes these ‘good’ sperm different from the others. One possible difference may be how the DNA is packaged in the sperm cell or in the amount of damage that the sperm DNA caries. If it is the latter, then changes in lifestyle could potentially improve the couple’s chance of having a baby.

Endometrial Fluid Metabolomics...

In IVF or ICSI treatment the goal is to produce a good quality embryo with artificial fertilization.  Following this, the embryo must implant into the womb in order for a pregnancy to be achieved.  This is a complex process leading to a high frequency of failed treatment.  It is this area which remains the rate limiting step in IVF treatment success. This has led to much research into the womb cavity environment and the factors that determine womb lining receptivity to an embryo.

Metabolomics is the study of substances that are present in any biological fluid.  The Endometrial Fluid Metabolomics project aims to study the pattern of substances that are present in the womb cavity fluid at the time of inserting an embryo.  We aim to find a particular pattern of metabolic substances which encourages successful IVF treatment.  Obtaining a better understanding of embryo implantation in IVF treatment may allow us to improve IVF treatment success in patients.


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