Advanced Manufacturing Research Group

The Advanced Manufacturing Research Group (AMRG) at the University of Birmingham conducts world-leading research in advanced manufacturing, fostering collaborations with industry and research partners to drive innovation and address the national and international manufacturing research agenda.

A 3D printerThe Advanced Manufacturing Research Group (AMRG) focuses on supporting and enabling the high value manufacturing in the UK. This is achieved through the use of cutting-edge technologies such as additive manufacturing, advanced material processing and industrial photonics, and novel ideas for product and process design to enable the next generation of products, from everyday items to high-tech machines. For example, resource efficient manufacturing routes for producing aeroengine casings and surface functionalisation solutions where the material waste can be reduced more than 80%, and new surface properties can be achieved without energy intensive coating processes, respectively. The use of 3D printing and hybrid manufacturing technologies makes possible the cost-effective manufacture of  custom and novel medical implants from Titanium alloys. Our research in advanced machining has focused on developing innovative, new operating strategies for a wide range of processes (milling, drilling, point grinding, creep feed grinding, electrical discharge machining, ultrasonic assisted cutting, etc), which are industry capable for manufacturing performance critical components in a variety of difficult to cut materials such as nickel-based superalloys, composites and engineering ceramics. As part of our research in bioengineering, we developed novel manufacturing solutions, materials and structures for customised implants and scaffolds.  


We have strong links to a number of other research and technology organisations. For example, we have just confirmed a number of joint PhDs with the Manufacturing Technology Centre. These projects build on our strong relationship with the MTC and are indicative of our active research agenda.

Professor David Butler has been appointed as MTC Chair in Sustainable manufacturing. Professor Butler will join the AMRG as an Associate Member.

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