Research Projects

Current projects


  • EPSRC - Self-learning robotics for industrial contact-rich tasks (ATARI): enabling smart learning in automated disassembly 
  • EPSRC IAA (2022-25): Affordable And Modular Robotic Disassembly Systems
  • EPSRC - Developing a Circular Plastics Economy for Medical Testing Plastics 
  • IAA (2022-25): Intelligent Automation in manufacturing medical devices - Part 1 

Royal Academy of Engineering

  • Bioinspired autonomous flapping-gliding micro aerial vehicle capable of sustainable flights


  • Shift2Rail - R&D - In2Track3 - Repoint Lab demonstrator of a redundantly engineered track switch actuator.
  • Shift2Rail In2Track3 RFID Tags for Rail Vehicle Positioning
  • Shift2Rail In2Track3  Kinematic system design, integration, prototype development, Radical new wheel rail transfer
  • Shift2Rail In2Track3 - Integrated & embedded sensors for prognostic monitoring


  • autoICSI: An AI-based fully automated Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection system to improve fertility success (Innovate UK)


  • Industry - Safe robotic manipulation in gloveboxes through the use of AI 
  • Intelligent Robotic Assembly and Manipulation of Cryogenic Pipes for Factory-in-a-box Applications
  • Eurotunnel - Automatic vehicle suspension component detection
  • Application of Artificial Intelligence in Robotics to Optimise the Manufacturing and Testing of Medical Devices
  • Next Generation of Automation in Manufacturing and Testing
  • Eurotunnel Analysis - Bogie Springs and Booted Sleeper
  • MoniRail: FOAK 2022: Portable Track Geometry Measurement System
  • Intelligent Robotic Assembly and Manipulation of Cryogenic Pipes for Factory-in-a-box Applications
  • Hierarchical Use of Battery : Intelligent Evaluation and Collaborative Robot Disassembly

Past projects


  • EPSRC - Disruptive RAS technologies for Construction and Manufacturing in Space
  • EPSRC Hub Future Artificial Intelligence and Robotics for SPACE
  • EPSRC – Robotic Disassembly as an Enabler of Autonomous Remanufacturing
  • Novel Digital Twins for Monitoring Compliance Debts
  • Automated Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (AUTO-ICSI)
  • EPSRC IAA 2021 (R8): Amir Hajiyavand Developing Leaders Award
  • IAA Automated Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (AUTO-ICSI)

Research England

  • Advanced Machinery Productivity Initiative (AMPI) - Strength in Places
  • NERIC-North of England Robotics Innovation Centre
  • Centre of Excellence in Intelligent Automation and industry5.0

Royal Society  

  • Automatic disassembly replanning for autonomous remanufacturing
  • The Use of Deep Learning for Fault Diagnosis and Prognostics for Critical Components of High-speed Trains


  • ERDF Smart Factory Hub (SmartFub)
  • Alternative Raw Materials with Low Impact 2 (ARLI-2) 
  • Shift2Rail In2Track2 - 1.2.1 - In-bearer Sensors for Crossings
  • Shift2Rail In2Track2 - Detailed design and prototyping of next generation S&C kinematic systems (REPOINT)
  • In2Track2 Sub-task 1.2.1. S&C Positioning - Near Field Communication
  • In2Track2 - - Big Data Analytics for Track Geometry
  • EC H2020 - Futuring European Industry


  •  Synergy - Connected and autonomous (CAV) vehicle
  • Integrated Innovation for Nuclear Decommissioning
  • Autonomous Remanufacturing of Complex Products (ARCP)
  • ICURe Programme - Next Generation Auto Micro Manipulation and Injection System for Infertility Treatment
  • Track and ride correlation for optimised rail maintenance
  • Continuous railway track monitoring using passenger trains
  • Continuous railway track monitoring using passenger trains
  • Infrastructure Systems 2 bid: Sensor & Satellite Asset Alert and Management System (SSAAMS)


  • MTC Foundation Scholarship - Robotic disassembly as a key enabler of remanufacturing
  • Robotic Disassembly as a Key Enabler of Remanufacturing
  • Analysis of the Contrast toward Developing Hysterosalpingography as a Treatment
  • Investigation of Rail Expansion Devices on curved and canted track
  • Microsoft IOT Accelerate Points Automation
  • Pantograph Dynamic Behaviour Measurement Device for use in Rolling Stock Maintenance Depots 
  • REPOINT Track Switch Project (Phase 3)
  • Developing Dynamic Modles for Electrical Power Systems On-board Aircraft
  • Pantograph Condition Monitoring Parameter Evaluation
  • Class 385 strain gauge instrumentation and testing for the Edinburgh, Glasgow routes
  • Research into Wireless Communications Solutions for the Rail Infrastructure Environment
  • Class 800 strain gauge instrumentation for the East Coast Mainline Route ODST Platform Docker Application Software Development Phase 3
  • Anchor Bar Slip Testing
  • Acumen / Platform Docker - Development Phase 2
  • Hand Held Switch Rail And Plain Rail Profile Measuring Device
  • Insulated Rail Joint (IRJ) Condition Monitoring Techniques
  • Guangzhou Metro: The key technology research and demonstration of metro conductor rail monitoring and condition evaluation


  • Partnership development for automated fertility treatment medical device research


  • Protecting trains, staff, plant and infrastructure through construction and operation: A feasibility study into the application of Universal Interlocking on GCRE
  • Smart Railway Assets
  • Autumnsense: Wet Rail Monitoring Using a Network of Sensors to Improve Autumn Resilience