Bio-medical Engineering

We are an interdisciplinary research group. We engineer new bio-medical solutions for unmet clinical needs.

Our group aims to engineer new solutions for unmet clinical needs, that are identified by healthcare professionals or the medical device industry. Our primary research focus is on three key areas, design and additive manufacture, computational modelling and experimental testing. Our team has expertise that spans a broad range of techniques required for new healthcare solutions.


Design and additive manufacture

  • Design of medical devices
  • Design of surgical instruments
  • Generative design
  • Development of design frameworks
  • Development of novel manufacturing techniques

Computational modelling

  • Computational biomechanics
  • Computational modelling of medical devices
  • Computational modelling of connective tissues

Experimental testing

  • Mechanical testing of natural and synthetic biomaterials
  • Mechanical testing of medical devices
  • Gait analysis
  • Wetting phenomena and anti-biofouling surfaces

Our capabilities

•    Biomedical Engineering Laboratory, which has a class II containment area
•    Materials testing machines
•    Single-station spine simulator
•    Pulse Duplicator
•    A range of additive manufacturing platforms; extrusion bioprinting, DLP bioprinting, fused deposition modelling
•    Hydrogel formulation equipment
•    Desktop 3D scanner
•    Gait analysis facility (camera-based motion capture system, force plates, EMG and wearable sensors)
•    Computer aided design software
•    Computational modelling software