Academic Staff

Research Staff

Affiliated Staff

  • Professor (Hon) Roger Cracknell
    Shell Global Solutions
  • Thomas Gardiner
    Project Engineer, Jaguar Cars
  • Professor (Hon) Steve Richardson
    Manager, Jaguar Land Rover Powertrain Research
  • Dr Jun Qiao
    Manager of Technology Strategy, Energy Technologies Institute (ETI)
  • Dr Guohong Tian
    Lecturer in Thermodynamics, Sir Joseph Swan Centre for Energy Research, Newcastle University


  • Pooya Ahmadi, BEng
    (Computational Investigation of Low-Reynolds-Number Flows in Micro-scale Compressors)
  • Jun Jie Chong, BEng
    (Plasma Techniques & Reforming in Aftertreatment Systems)
  • Ritchie Daniel, MEng
    (Combustion Performance and Emissions of SI Engines Fuelled with Biofuels)
  • Farshad Eslami, MEng
    (Physical and Chemical Properties of Fuels)
  • Danny Fennell, MEng
    (Exhaust Gas Fuel Reforming implementation for Emissions Reduction)
  • Simaranjit Gill, MEng
    (Novel IC Engine Aftertreatment Systems with Low NOx, PM, CO, CO2 and HC Emissions)
  • Ahmad Hasan, MEng
    (Control of Gasoline HCCI Emissions by Three Way Catalysis)
  • Thomas Hoskins, MEng
    (Tribology and Characterisation of Polymer and Composites for Machine Elements)
  • Changzhao Jiang, BEng
    (An Optical Approach to Ignition Timing and Mixture Formation)
  • Chia Sheng Lau, BEng
    (Biogas Reforming for use in Compression Ignition Engines and Aftertreatment Systems)
  • Perry Leung, MEng
    (Novel Heat Recovery Technology and Onboard vehicle Hydrogen Production)
  • Haiying Li, MEng
    (DMF Spray and Combustion Modelling)
  • Yanfei Li, BEng
    (Biodiesel Spray, Combustion and Emissions)
  • Dai Liu, BEng
    (Combustion and Emissions of Biodiesel)
  • He Ma, MSc
    (Real-time HCCI Combustion Control and Modelling)
  • Shahrouz Norouzi, MEng
    (High Pressure Fuel Injection Systems for SI Engines)
  • Taehee Park, MEng
    (Combustion and Emissions in CI Engines for Fossil and Biofuels)
  • Adam Potrzebowski, MEng
    (Combustion/Flow Modelling)
  • Paul Rounce, MSc
    (Future Biofuels and their Effect on Aftertreatment Systems)
  • Hendry Sakke Tira, MEng
    (Combustion and Emissions Characteristics of Simulated Biogas)
  • Boonlue Sawatmongkhon, MEng
    (Modelling of Catalytic Aftertreatment of NOx Emissions using Diesel Fuel as a Reductant)
  • Joshua Shenker, MEng
    (Tribological Investigation of Biofueled CI Engines with Aftertreatment)
  • Ekarong Sukjit, MEng
    (IC Engines - Tribology and Combustion Issues)
  • Chongming Wang, BEng
    (Investigating New Combustion Modes for SI Engines)
  • Wentao Wang, BEng
    (Exhaust Gas Reforming for CI Engines)
  • Fan Zhang, BEng
    (Dual Fuel HCCI Combustion in a Diesel Engine )