SAMULET 4.2.2 project details
 Full title Smart Peripheral Nitinol Stents: Design, Additive Manufacturing and Evaluation
 Start date 2018
 End date  

In progress




TSB SAMULET 4.2.2 Project with Rolls-Royce aimed to develop fixed tooling powder HIP process for net shape Ti and Ni superalloys aero-engine components manufacture. One of the main goals of this project was to manufacture a full sized Ti-6Al-4V engine casing to demonstrate a new manufacturing process. Shape prediction is very difficult and challenging in complex net shape component manufacturing using disposal tooling, due to shrinkage. This new manufacturing method shows the benefits of using fixed tooling over the existing disposable tooling method.

Research team members  

Prof. Moataz Attallah, Dr Raja Khan, Dr Vicky Mann, Vitthal Konaraddi, Mike Glynn

Male researcher operating Hot Isostatic Pressing equipment