Scientific objectives

  1. To develop a clear understanding of the basic material physics of 3D laser printing and the effect on the properties of materials.              
  2. To develop defect free, 3D laser printing processes for metals, polymers and ceramics and understand the effect on the properties and functionality of materials.
  3. To create customised and accurate shapes and architectures by 3D printing technology and apply this knowledge to the development of multi-functional coatings for maxillofacial and orthopaedic implants.
  4. To explore different ways to achieve multi-functionality by investigating the use of novel antimicrobial molecules and drug release devices with additional anti-inflammatory and analgesic functionalities.
  5. To create fast and inexpensive innovative multifunctional medical devices with market potential.
  6. To form and retain collaborations in a multi-disciplinary, interdisciplinary and international environment.
  7. To effectively transfer knowledge and implement strong synergies and  interactions among the participants by organising video conferences, secondments and a mini-symposium at the end of the project.
  8. To disseminate the scientific knowledge resulted by the combination of the effective training and research collaboration among the participants with the wider European and international scientific community by the organisation of the mini symposium at the end of NEXT-3D.