Group history and gallery


The Jeong group photo in 2021The members of the Jeong group finally gathered after a long restricted access to the campus due to the pandemic. Emily, Jemima, Jake and Mingee on the photo. Jemima and Emily left Birmingham to start their PhD study, and our best wishes for their successful career.


The sample prepared by plasma FIBA sample of Sr2RuO4 that has been sculpted with a plasma focused ion beam, for high-precision measurement of the resistivity and Hall coefficient under uniaxail stress in Hicks group. 

Clifford and the former student Fabien in 2020Clifford with former student Fabian Jerzembeck, in Dresden, Gremany. German tradition is to prepare fancy hats for graduating doctoral students.


Professor Ted Forgan working on a dilution fridge to be implemented in Berlin.Ted preparing his dilution fridge for a high field neutron facility in Berlin.


For neutron scattering at high magnetic fields, Ted built a horizontal dilution refrigerator. The core parts of the fridge fit on a cone around the beam, and that also fits inside the magnet.

The drawing of a dilution fridgeA diagram of the fridge.

Casting a mixing chamberCasting the mixing chamber out of silver.


The Condensed Matter group photo in 2014The Condensed Matter group in 2014. From left, Joe Vinen, Alastair Rae, Chris Muirhead, Mark Colclough, Ted Forgan, Alex Holmes, Elizabeth Blackburn, Erik Jellyman, Randeep Riyat, Louis Lemberger, Lingjia Shen and Bindu Gunupudi.


Professor Jo Vinen at his award ceremonyJoe received the Guthrie Medal and Prize (now known as the Michael Faraday Medal and Prize) from the Institute of Physics in 2005, "for his outstanding contributions to superfluids and superconductors." Here he is at the awards dinner, at the Savoy Hotel in London.