The following is a list of the Group's research members together with a brief summary of their research interests.

Where no further information is available on a Group member, please contact Jeremy Whitehand.

Name Research interest
Nigel Baker Archaeology and town-plan analysis in medieval towns
Hiske Bienstman Urban conservation and morphological concepts
Jintang Chen Urban morphological regionalization
Luca D'Acci Human societies, human habitats and urban morphology
Hao Deng Typomorphology and the Caniggian school
Charles Goode Green belts and urban growth patterns in England
Kai Gu Conzenian and Caniggian ideas and the Chinese city
Tony Hall Design control and sustainable urban form
Michael Hopkins Ecology and fringe belts
Lihua Huang Urban morphological periods and regions in Chinese cities
Phil Jones UK urban regeneration, post-war reconstruction, sustainable drainage
Sigridur Kristjansdottir Conzenian and Caniggian ideas in Italy and Iceland
Karl Kropf Methods of describing and prescribing urban form
Peter Larkham Townscape conservation and planning
Keith Lilley Medieval urban landscapes in the British Isles
Hong Liu Townscape conservation, planning and urban design
Yao Liu Urban landscapes and urban regeneration
Nicholas Morton The development of urban fringe belts
Noha Nasser Urban design and traditional Islamic cities
Roberta Perria Conzenian thinking in relation to the work of the Muratorian school
Yunying Ren Urban conservation and planning in China
Jean-Michel Roux Comparative history and urban morphogenesis of French and English silk towns
Ivor Samuels Urban morphology and planning practice
Yanhui Shi Cross-cultural comparative study of urban form
Terry Slater Medieval town-plan analysis and urban landscape conservation
Feng Song Conzenian urban morphology
Wei Tao Urban cultural heritage
Rosemary Thornes Urban fringe-belt evolution
Yinsheng Tian Chinese urban form 
Dr Tolga Ünlü Urban design, design control, urban morphology and planning, and urban history 
Min Wang Conzenian conceptions and Chinese cities'
Jeremy Whitehand Historical development and planning of residential urban landscapes
Susan Whitehand Urban landscape development and planning in China
Pengfei Wu Historical environmental change and urban form
Hongyan Xiao History and conservation of Chinese urban form
Xinkai Xiong
The Conzenian approach
Sheng Yao The application of urban morphology in heritage protection
Jian Zhang Urban morphogenetics: a cross-cultural perspective
Jianyi Zheng The morphological evolution of Macao and South Fujian
Yiting Zhang Urban morphology and ecology