Dr Tolga Ünlü

Email: tolgaunlu@gmail.com

Tolga Ünlü took his bachelors, masters and PhD degrees at the Department of City and Regional Planning, Middle East Technical University in Turkey. He has researched on the physical development and planning history of Turkish cities, especially of Mersin, and their morphological transformation. In this research, he has developed propositions to solve the problems of production and shaping of the built environment. These have been realized in several projects. Among these are Tarsus Historic City Centre Urban Design Project, Mersin Historic City Centre Regeneration Project, and Urban Projects for Mezitli.


His main research areas are urban design, design control, urban morphology and planning, and urban history. He has been working at the University of Mersin in Turkey since 2006 and as a member of the Department of City and Regional Planning. He has been Vice-Director of the Centre for Mediterranean Urban Studies since July 2011.


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