Evidence Synthesis

Group lead: David Moore

This cross school group has a strong track record in the techniques of evidence synthesis, their application to inform specific healthcare decision making problems and the education of others in these methodologies.

The aim of evidence synthesis, and this research group, is to provide the best evidence to address a given question through the comprehensive assimilation of relevant information, using techniques to minimise bias and make explicit uncertainties. These are key principles underpinning evidence based medicine and healthcare decision making.

The group has experience in undertaking research to inform national and international healthcare decision making, aid the development of new healthcare technologies, and improve methodologies to advance evidence synthesis. The group has a focus and a track record in a number of areas including, but not limited to: cardiovascular medicine, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, medical devises, rare diseases and the interface between evidence of clinical effectiveness and health economic modelling. The group also contains the information support unit for the School, which has a pivotal position in devising, undertaking and educating on advanced strategies to identify published, grey and unpublished research literature.

The group supports a number of education initiatives in evidence syntheses: