Dr Jack McMurray

Research Fellow, Institute of Inflammation and Ageing



Jack is one of our former BEAR Champions and is no longer at the University of Birmingham. 

What is your research background and current role in the University?

I work as a Research Fellow in the Institute of Inflammation and Ageing supporting Dr. Andrew Filer and Dr. Benjamin Fisher. Currently, I am investigating the efficacy of novel therapeutics in a variety of immune-mediated inflammatory diseases using digital image analysis and various transcriptomic approaches. Having completed my undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science at the University of Sheffield, I moved to the University of Birmingham in 2016 where I completed both my Cancer Sciences MRes and my PhD in oncoimmunology.

Which BEAR Services have been most relevant to you in your research?

I’d say the Research Data Store (RDS) and/or BlueBEAR. The files I analyse are often very large, so having dedicated storage space and computing resources for these analyses has been vital for my laptop’s health!

How widespread to you think BEAR Services are known in your School/College and how do you plan to spread the word?

I think knowledge of the BEAR services has dramatically increased from when I first came to the University. I believe most researchers know of/use the RDS for their storage needs, but far fewer use other services directly. I hope to act as a point of communication for researchers to increase their familiarity with other services such as BlueBEAR.

What's an interesting fact about you?

With my first career of choice being a clown, at 8 years old I taught myself how to juggle. I’m still waiting to fit into the shoes, though.