BEAR project re-registration process


All BEAR projects have an owner (a "PI"). This named individual is responsible for all aspects of the BEAR project, including making sure it is defined correctly, the correct other people have access to it, that it is used appropriately, and that the project is still required.

Re-registration process

You will receive an automated email every six months for each of your projects. The email includes details of the project(s), their membership, and what facilities the projects can access (e.g. BlueBEAR, the Research Data Store, BEAR GitLab, etc.). Please read these emails carefully and follow the instrucitons for making any necessary changes. If your project has not been re-registered (or first registered) for two years then this email will highlight that it now needs to be re-registered.

These emails include a link to the re-registration page on the BEAR Admin system (campus network or VPN required), which lists all the PI's projects and indicates which ones need to be re-registered.

You will be asked for information about how your research is funded, and also for any relevant publications that have resulted in whole or in part from a use of the BEAR services. See also acknowledging BEAR in publications.

If there are any problems then please let us know via the Service Desk. Equally, you can let us know through the Service Desk, if a project is now complete and that it can be removed - before this you can archive or deposit the data.

We also run a related process for any project that has not been re-registered for at least three years, which results either in the project being re-registered or the project data being archived and the project deleted.

Notes for PIs and PI delegates

If you do not re-register your projects, then eventually the project data will be archived and the project deleted. So please act promptly when you receive re-registration emails.

You will only receive the automatic emails for projects where it is either six months since the last email, or six months since the last re-registration (or first registration). So if you have several projects, you may choose to check and re-register them all on receipt of the first email, thus avoiding receiving the automatic emails for the remaining projects.

You can check the status of your projects at any time by visiting the re-registration page on the BEAR Admin system (campus network or VPN required). The preferred method is for the PI, or a delegate, to do this themselves via this link. But if that is not possible then you can request that your project be re-registered, changed or archived and deleted using a Service Desk ticket.

People who have left the University are automatically removed from BEAR projects. If a PI leaves, then we start another process to find a replacement PI. If you are a PI who is about to leave the University then please inform us, via the Service Desk, of a new PI for any projects that will still be required after you leave, or tell us any projects that can be archived and deleted.