BEAR Software

BEAR Software

BEAR Software is provided by Research Software Engineers (RSEs), Research Data Scientists and Research Applications Specialists from the Research Software Group within the Advanced Research Computing Team of IT Services. It comprises several services which are available to all researchers in the University with the aim of improving the research software written and used by the researchers. BEAR Software’s mission is summed up in the words of the Software Sustainability Institute: ‘better software, better research’.

Acknowledging the RSG in Publications

For info about acknowledging the Research Software Group in publications see here.


This is why we exist, and what we're aiming at:

  1. Enable the University of Birmingham's research community to get the best from their research software: "Better software, better research"
  2. Provide specialist software engineering advice and support to researchers and RSEs
  3. Help to enhance the University's reputation for high quality research
  4. Help researchers get the most from BEAR services, maximising the return on the University's investment in BEAR.

Annual Reports

The Research Software Group's annual reports contain information about our work, including case studies and statistics.



To get in touch with the Resarch Software Group, please see the contact page.