Research Data Science Service

The Research Data Science Service is part of The Institute for Interdisciplinary Data Science and AI (IIDSAI) and the Research Software Group. We aim to improve and enable state-of-the-art data science research at the University through a range of complementary services. We are funded by both IIDSAI and The Centre for Artificial Intelligence in Government (CAIG).


The Research Data Science Service exists to:

  • Facilitate data intensive research at the University of Birmingham by providing specialist data science support and advice.
  • Help researchers to increase the competitiveness of funding applications involving a data science or AI component.  
  • Support open science and reproducibility by helping University of Birmingham researchers to share their data and code effectively and with impact. 


  • Institute-funded work - including pre-award advice and support, post-award advice and help with publications, data science training, and working on Institute-funded pump-priming projects.
  • Grant-funded work - funding a Research Data Scientist's time to collaborate on research projects.