Grant-Funded Work

You can fund a staff Research Data Scientist from the service to collaborate with you on a funded project with a time commitment of 10% to 50% FTE.  This service is appropriate for medium to long-term projects with clearly defined research outcomes. For each 50% FTE we will actually quote 45% of the Research Data Scientist, and 5% of a senior member of the Research Software Group who will provide code review, support, mentoring and advice to the Research Data Scientist. Our policy is that no member of the team will work more than 45% on a single long project, so for larger requirements we will provide multiple staff as required (if available).

We currently offer two types of engagements:

  • Data Science Coding: we implement a data science solution as part of your project (e.g. data preparation, analysis, modelling etc). We work collaboratively with the input of you/your team.
  • Data Science Coaching: we support you/a member of your team with the implementation a data science solution (e.g. data preparation, analysis, modelling etc). We provide support by advising on methods and best-practices and by providing code-review.

Please get in touch with us as early as possible in the funding process so we can support your application throughout and ensure there is appropriate costing provided.

How does it work?

Step 1: Get in touch with us providing the following project details:

  • PI
  • Funder
  • Project Overview & Research Goals
  • Data Source(s)
  • Target start date/ end date, relevant deadlines

Step 2: A member of the team will meet with you to discuss the requirements of your project and to check that it is a suitable match for the services we provide.

Step 3: We will work with you to draft an agreement formally outlining the project’s objectives and timeline, and provide a quote for costs.

Step 4: Once an agreement is approved by the project PI and the director of the Institute, work may begin on the project at the agreed date.


Cost = %FTE required x Project Duration (Months) x Research Data Scientist Staff Cost

e.g. an indicative cost for a research data scientist on a 3 Month 45% FTE engagement would be approximately: £9,112.50 = 0.45 x 3 x £6,000

Please remember to talk to us before submitting a bid that includes a data scientist. We will recommend an appropriate grade to include in worktribe (usually grade 8) depending on the technical skills required and work to be done, along with details of the senior RSG team member to include at 5%.

Our grant-funded work operates in the same way as the Funded Research Software Engineering engagements. You can find more detailed information on how this works, including how to include our staff in projects in Worktribe here.