Research Data Science Expertise

Our team of Research Data Scientists have a wide variety of expertise, including:  

  • Advanced Analytics: statistical analysis, machine learning, and deep learning. Developing predictive models, clustering, dimensionality reduction, and the implementation of neural networks.
  • Textual Analysis: natural language processing.
  • Image Analysis: image analysis, covering a range of applications, including medical images such as microscopy, MEG and fMRI data.
  • Mathematical Modelling of systems.
  • Data Visualization including interactive dashboards to facilitate a deeper understanding of your data.
  • Data Collection and Extraction: data extraction and scraping from diverse sources, including documents, APIs, and web pages.
  • Data Preparation: cleaning and transforming raw data into analysis-ready datasets.

We can handle various data types, including: 

  • Survey Data: Data from surveys and questionnaires
  • Images
  • Text
  • GIS Data: Geographic Information System (GIS) data for spatial analysis and mapping.
  • Sensor/Time-series data 

Our languages include Python, R, Matlab, Javascript, SQL, Java, and C#, enabling us to work with the tools that best suit your project requirements.