The Institute for Interdisciplinary Data Science and AI

Our research themes

  • Building a Sustainable Future

    Integrating and understanding diverse data sources to reveal the impact of human behaviour on our world and the changes needed to ensure our long-term future.

  • Understanding and Addressing Inequality

    Combining and integrating data to understand the causes and interactions between different forms of equality. Ensuring new technologies do not amplify existing inequalities by designing ethical and regulatory frameworks for responsible and fair use.

  • Healthy Bodies, Minds, and Behaviours

    Developing the infrastructure and mathematical and computational tools to link data across scales so we can understand the mechanisms of health and illness, how ill-health can be treated or prevented, and how our behaviour affects our physical and mental health.

  • Accelerating Progress in Science

    Managing the data deluge with new techniques for summarising and revealing structure within very large datasets, linking them to models of the underlying phenomena.

Media Hub

Watch talks, animations, explainers and more with our Data Science and AI experts from the University of Birmingham.

Our collaborations

  • Alan Turing at Birmingham

    Since joining the Turing Institute in 2018, the University's Turing Fellows have been working on data science and AI projects covering a wide variety of academic themes and practical applications.

  • Baskerville

    Working with our strategic partners, we are delivering a state-of-the-art high performance computing resource for modelling and data analysis funded by EPSRC.

Upcoming events

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