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Thursday 16th October 4:00-5:00
Bob Ward (LSE) 
'Climate Change Policy’ (precise title to be confirmed).
University House, G13

Thursday 13th November 4:00-5:00:
Frances Bowen (Queen Mary)
‘Collaboration for environmental innovation in the Canadian oil sands industry’.
University House, G13

Thursday 4th December 4:00-5:00:
Mirabelle Muuls (Imperial)
‘An evaluation of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme’.
University House, G13

Tuesday 20th January 4:00-5:00:
Herman Vollebergh (Tilburg)
‘Economic growth and the environment: Estimating global carbon Kuznets curves’.
Room TBC.

Tuesday 17thMarch 4:00-5:00:
Elizabeth Robinson (Reading)
'Rural forests, urban fuels: A spatial analysis of charcoal demand and forest degradation, with implications for REDD'.
Room TBC.

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