These documents are for use by collaborators involved in the Giant PANDA trial. They are the property of the University of Birmingham and do not constitute any form of advice to participants. Please contact us if you require printed versions of any of these documents.

Training & Support Resources For Sites

Study Introduction and Background Videos:

Giant PANDA Study Summary with Professor Lucy Chappell. 

Background and Rationale to Giant PANDA with Professor Jenny Myers. 

Giant PANDA from Marcus Green at Action on Pre-eclampsia (APEC). 

SIV Presentations:

Giant PANDA Site Initiation Visit Presentation 1.7

Study Summary:

Giant PANDA Quick Reference Sheet 1.1

Giant PANDA Study Handbook 1.1

Poster & Prompt Cards:

Giant PANDA Poster

Giant PANDA Prompt Card


Giant PANDA Prescribing Antihypertensives Memo

Giant PANDA Taking Remote Consent 1.0

Giant PANDA Myth Busting 1.0

Talking to women about the Giant PANDA trial with confidence Video 1.0

For Women

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