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WILL usual care at term guidance v1.0 30 Jun 2022

UC guidelines


 WILL database training

WILL database training videos thumbnail (portrait) 

 WILL remote consent guidelines

Remote consent guidelines v2.0 thumbnail

Complications of Chronic and Gestational Hypertension

Training page from newsletter NL 2020.08 Hypertension

(from WILL newsletter - Aug 2020)

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) 

Training page from newsletter 2020.10 Chronic KD

(from WILL newsletter - Oct 2020)

Baby Loss Awareness Week & Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

Training page from newsletter 2020.11 Baby Loss Awareness

(from WILL newsletter - Nov 2020)

Elective Caesarean 

Training page from newsletter 2020.12 Elective Caesarean

(from WILL newsletter - Dec 2020)

 Membrane sweeps 

Training page from WILL Newsletter March 2021- Membrane sweeps

(from WILL newsletter - Mar 2021)

 Induction versus Spontaneous labour

Thumbnail image of training page on induction versus spontaneous labour with link to that page. (from WILL newsletter - Apr 2021)

 Women who decline taking part in research

Thumbnail  of training page from May 201 WILL trial newsletter. Topic is people declining to take part in research. NL 2021.05 decline taking part in research (thumbnail)

(from WILL newsletter - May 2021)

NICE IOL guideline & the WILL trial

Training page from WILL trial December 2021 newsletter re NICE induction of labour guideline & WILL.

(from WILL newsletter - Dec 2021)