Trees in Time 

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This conference took place in July 2023. Some of the talks from this conference were recorded and have been made available on our YouTube channel "Trees in Time" playlist alternatively please click through to our 'Programme' page and the available talks have been embedded into this website.  Most of the posters are also available on the Posters 2023 webpage.  

Forests change over time, and across many timescales, from the geological to the historical, seasonal and even daily. The forests we know today were not the first forests to arise, and we now know that forests have been dramatically re-shaped throughout history by evolution, global climate, disturbance events like fire or disease, and human management. Can we learn lessons from the forests of deep time and of history to help contemporary forests face the challenges of the future? This symposium convenes experts in geological time and primeval forests with experts in all aspects of current forest systems, from ecological modelling to climate science to plant physiology to human-forest interactions. Our aim is to share current research across disciplines about how changes over different timescales impact forests to achieve a better understanding of how predicted future climates of the Anthropocene could affect Earth’s forest environments.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the speakers, session chairs, the organizing committee, poster presenters and sponsors (Hansatech Instruments and New Phytologist) and of course our audience.  

For the Trees in Time conference we produced a graphic called 'The time domain' this is now available as a downloadable pdf. 

 2023 The TIme Domain Diagram

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