Posters 2023 

Preview of the posters submitted (Video transcript)

Congratulations to our prize winners; 

1st place Emily Grace, Characterisation of bacteriophages that infect oak pathogens. 

2nd place Dr Rosa Sanchez Lucas, Chemical priming of defence in forest health: oak- powdery mildew interaction. 

3rd place Dr Diana Vinchira, Effect of health, age and location on the chemical composition of Ash (Fraxinaus excelsior) wood.

Poster prize winners
Our poster session was sponsored by the New Phytologist Foundation.

Most posters have the contact details of the authors, however if you find you can't find contact details please message and we will connect you to the researcher. 
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Posters for the Trees In TIme conference
Atmospheric exchanges of CO2, CH4 and N20 of temperate forest soils under elevated CO2 at BIFoR FACE  by Alex Armstrong
Effect of elevated CO2 and soil nitrogen availability on plant C allocation and soil C turnover from a whole-plant mesocosm experiment  by Hye In Yang 
Life on the edge :New tools to track forest-lemur interactions by Gemma Baker 
Trees in time: securing the future workforce for global forest health by Imogen Carter 
Raman Spectroscopy to Investigate Oak Powdery Mildew-Oak Leaf Interactions by Kieran Clark
Optimising Ecological Connectivity along linear Transportation Infrastructure  by Nick Cork 
Peace in the forest: investigating how human-wildlife conflict and conflict-prevention measures affect forest socio-ecological systems in drylands: a case study of Mukogodo Forest, Kenya by Harriet Croome
Preliminary results from BIFoR FACE core sample collections (SLA & LAI) by Giulio Curioni 
Five years in: how does soil respiration respond to elevated atmospheric CO2 concentrations in a mature forest by Nine Douwes Dekker 
Embedding Time Traveling Trees into the School Curriculum by Sam Dobbie 
Forest Ecology and fantasy fiction  by Dion Dobrzynski
Focused on the future of forest and tree health by Louise Gathercole 
Fine root dynamics under elevated CO2 by Grace Handy 
Comparative genomic analysis of Pseudomonas savastanoi pv. fraxini isolated from ash trees in the UK by Katherine Hinton
Plant communication: Interference on the line? by Laura James 
How will forests change the atmosphere in the future? by Thomas King 
Seasonal variation of Oak and Horse Chestnut leaf metabolome by Vanjia Milenkovic 
Low-cost Monitoring of Pollen Bioaerosols with OPCs and Machine Learning by Sophie Mills 
Wastewater treatment and greenhouse gas emissions: herbaceous vs woody horizontal constructed wetlands by Dee Phillips 
Will elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide change how oak flowers? by Andrew Plackett 
Leaf and stem oak transpiration at BIFoR FACE   by Susan Quick  
Nitrogen cycling in forest soils under elevated CO2: response of a key soil nutrient to global change   by Manon Rumeau 
Influence of constructed wetlands on global warming by Bruno Boaretto Santos
Forest Nitrogen dynamics and water-use efficiency: insights from three european fertilization experiments by Alessandra Teglia 
Effect of health, age and location on the chemical composition of Ash (Fraxinus excelsior) wood by Diana Vinchira 
A study of tree disease on St Helena by Amy Webster
Understanding plant responses to pathogen starts with a good protocol by Jiaqi Wei 
From branch to forest to globe: how do tree choices regarding growth change forest responses to eCO2  by Klaske van Wijnngaarden