Brain plasticity and regeneration


We investigate structural plasticity and degeneration, regeneration and repair in the central nervous system (CNS). We use the fruit-fly Drosophila for its powerful genetics and in vivo neurobiology spanning from genes, to cells, neural circuits and behaviour. We discover gene networks, fundamental principles and in vivo processes to understand the brain and with relevance for human brain health & disease.

Principal Investigator

Professor Alicia Hidalgo

Professor Alicia Hidalgo

Professor of Neurogenetics

Alicia Hidalgo - Research in 60 seconds video

Our lab aims to understand structural plasticity of the nervous system: in development, regeneration and repair. That is, what is the link between structure and function in the brain? How does the brain change as we grow, learn and age? What happens in nervous system injury and disease, and how can we promote regeneration and repair?

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