Cancer Genomics, Computational biology and statistics

Centre for Computational BiologyOur cancer research programmes, including cancer genetics and epigenetics, rely heavily on a wide variety of genomics-based approaches, which are strongly supported by the Centre for Computational Biology.

Our computational biologists are developing new statistical methods for the analysis of genome-wide data. Our translational research aims at the discovery of the molecular origins of human disease and the development of novel diagnostic and treatment intervention strategies.

Our statisticians located within the Cancer Research UK Clinical Trials Unit with play a vital role in the planning, running and evaluation of our clinical trials.

Key researchers

Cancer Genomics, Computational Biology and Statistics
ResearcherResearch Group
Roland Arnold Bioinformatics analyses of transcription in cancer
Andrew Beggs Colorectal cancer genetics and biology
Lucinda Billingham Biostatistics and clinical trials
Conny Bonifer Epigenetics and gene regulation in blood cells
Rik Bryan Bladder cancer biology and treatment
Peter Cockerill Epigenetics and gene regulation in blood cells
George Gkoutos Bioinformatics and mathematical modelling
Keith Wheatley Cancer clinical trials
Chris Yau Statistical machine learning and computational biology