Congenital Heart Disease Research Group


Congenital heart disease affects 12 children born in the UK every day and is the commonest type of congenital anomaly. There are many types of structural defects but they often lead to reduced oxygen levels in the blood (cyanosis, ‘blue baby’) or heart failure and may require complex surgery in early childhood.

The first open heart operation was performed only 65 years ago. Since that time rapid developments in surgical techniques, interventional cardiology, and diagnostic imaging, including during fetal life, have led to the prospect of ‘cure’ or successful palliation for almost all congenital heart defects. The success of these interventions is such that nowadays, 90% of children with congenital heart disease survive into adulthood. However, many develop late complications related to their condition or interventions and almost all require lifelong follow-up.

At Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, we have a special interest in the most complex conditions including: single ventricle heart conditions and the Fontan circulation; pulmonary atresia with ventricular septal defect and major aorto-pulmonary collateral arteries; and congenitally-corrected transposition of the great arteries.

Our research involves basic science, translational and clinical research, from animal models of disease to multi-centre, interventional clinical trials. Our aims are to improve the treatments and outcomes of children and adults with congenital heart disease. 

Cardiovascular Research with Dr Victoria Stoll and Mr Nigel Drury

Current Projects

  • Congenital Heart Trials Network – a collaborative network for conducting multi-centre clinical trials across all children’s heart surgery centres in the UK & Ireland
  • BRICC trial – Bilateral Remote Ischaemic Conditioning in Children trial, a two-centre trial in children undergoing heart surgery in Birmingham and Leeds
  • RUBATO trial – an international multi-centre, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of macitentan in adults and adolescents with a Fontan circulation (sponsored by Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd)
  • Improving outcomes in single ventricle heart conditions
  • Late outcomes and exercise capacity in patients with a Fontan circulation
  • Outcomes of pregnancy in adult congenital heart disease
  • Management of the right aortic arch: a national study
  • The effects of three cardioplegia solutions on myocardial metabolism during ischaemia-reperfusion in a Langendorff mouse model
  • Understanding parents’ perspectives on clinical trials in children’s heart surgery
  • Birmingham Children’s Hospital Cardiac Archive

Recent Publications

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Principal Investigators

  • Mr Nigel E Drury – Lead
  • Dr Paul F Clift – Adult Congenital Lead
  • Mr Timothy J Jones
  • Dr Rami Dhillon
  • Dr Anna N Seale

Internal collaborators

External collaborators