CHASM Lunch and Learn: Making effective use of infographics Communicate your findings beyond academia and maximise the impact of your research

Tuesday 1 December 2020 (13:00-14:00)

Helen Harris:

In this virtual networking session delivered by Mihaela Gruia, Research Communicator and Director of Research Retold, we learned how she helped hundreds of academics communicate their research findings in accessible and visual ways. 

Mihaela shared case studies and insights into the research communication process, including a 3-year collaboration with Professor Andy Lymer on the Social Housing and Wellbeing Research Project. 

Mihaela explained: 

  • What the collaborative process looks like to turn a 30-page technical report into a 4-page digestible visual document 
  • The benefits of communicating your research in static and interactive formats to different audiences beyond academia 
  • How you can include research communication support in your grant applications and pathways to impact 

For more information about Research Retold visit: You can also browse the Research Retold portfolio. You can also follow Research Retold on Twitter @researchretold

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About the speaker

Mihaela Gruia is a social and data scientist trained at The University of Sheffield, with experience in public affairs communications in Brussels. She is passionate about the intersection between research, communication and design. Mihaela is the founder and director of Research Retold, a Leeds-based specialist research communication company that helps researchers make their findings digestible to non-technical audiences using tailored communication tools.