Financial Inclusion: critique and alternatives

Thursday 27 May 2021 (12:30-13:30)

Helen Harris:

Speaker: Dr Rajiv Prabhakar, The Open University

Making financial decisions such as paying bills, rent or buying food is part of everyday life. But access to the financial system, although unavoidable, can be shaped in many different ways. This seminar will draw on Rajiv’s recently published book, Financial Inclusion: critique and alternatives (Bristol: Policy Press) and considers some of the alternatives, and how the financial system might improve access to those cut off from mainstream services and whether this can reduce inequalities. 

Dr Rajiv Prabhakar is a Senior Lecturer in Personal Finance at the Open University and a CHASM Associate Fellow. For 2021/2022 he is also a Parliamentary Academy Fellow at the House of Commons Library. 

Watch Rajiv's full presentation: