From wellbeing to sustainability - housing, assets and household finance

Tuesday 17 May 2022 (13:00-14:00)

In this seminar, we are joined by two of the leading experts on housing and wellbeing.

Professor David Clapham (Glasgow) and Dr Chris Foye (Reading) will discuss the use of ‘wellbeing’ in social science and social policy research. David Clapham will review the basis of the wellbeing approach and review its applicability to assessing the outcomes of public policies given the importance of the relationship between people and the rest of nature. Chris Foye will discuss the potential application of wellbeing variables in national panel datasets.

There will be an open discussion for questions and comments. This is a valuable opportunity to learn from the experiences of two of the leading experts on housing and wellbeing, and we would like the discussion to foreground the ways in which wellbeing may be used in new social policy research.


David Clapham is Honorary Professor of Housing at the University of Glasgow.  He is Associate Editor of the journal Housing, Theory and Society  and is the author of books including The Meaning of Housing: A Pathways Approach and Remaking Housing Policy.  His forthcoming book is Inhabitation in Nature: Houses People and Practices to be published in early 2023.

Chris Foye is Lecturer in Housing Economics at Henley Business School, University of Reading. Focussing on housing markets and policy, his research draws on a variety of disciplinary perspectives including (happiness) economics, political-economy and sociology.

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