ECSR Network Workshop: Gender, Family and Wealth Inequalities

Edgbaston Park Hotel 53 Edgbaston Park Road Birmingham B15 2RS
Thursday 15 June (00:00) - Friday 16 June 2023 (00:00)

Helen Harris


We are pleased to announce that CHASM will host an ESCR network workshop that will bring a group of scholars together to discuss issues in wealth inequalities, gender and family structures. 

Call for Papers:

ECSR Network Workshop on Wealth Inequalities, Gender, and Family Structures

This workshop aims to foster an interdisciplinary exchange towards a better understanding of the determinants and consequences of gender wealth inequalities. Within this broad area of research, we will specifically focus on the link between family processes (e.g., family formations, intergenerational financial transfers, and life course events such as childbirth, marriage, or divorce) and gender wealth inequalities.

We invite abstract submissions covering topics such as:

  • Gender norms, gendering, and gendered practices in financial behaviours and wealth outcomes between and within families
  • Patterns of wealth accumulation (or outcomes) across different family structures and demographic behaviours
  • Intergenerational transfers and their effects on gender wealth inequalities
  • Gender and the family as part of intersectional perspectives on wealth inequalities
  • Methodological challenges and considerations for investigating the gender dimension of wealth inequality and family processes
  • Consequences of gender wealth inequalities and policy implications
  • Examination of policies that exacerbate gender wealth inequalities (such as tax, marital property, housing, and pension systems)


The workshop aims to enhance the understanding of gendered wealth inequalities and family processes. More importantly, after the first ECSR Network Workshop on Gender and Wealth in 2020, organised online by our network, we now have the opportunity to follow up with an in-person event. This workshop provides another excellent opportunity for networking among a small group of researchers focusing on gender wealth inequalities and the family. As such, the workshop offers space to develop collaborations and a collective research agenda among participants.


The two-day workshop consists of paper presentations and structured discussion sessions for future collaborations. Professor Karen Rowlingson (University of York) will deliver a keynote speech.


Abstract submissions (max. 500 words) should include a clear description of the research question, the theoretical framework, the data and methods, and (preliminary) findings. We invite abstracts to be submitted until 19th March 2023 to Accepted abstracts will be notified by early April 2023. In addition, all accepted applicants will be required to submit a paper draft or extended abstract before the workshop.


The workshop is funded by the European Consortium of Sociological Research (ECSR) and is free of charge, including two nights of accommodation, lunches, and a conference dinner on the first day. Financial assistance for travel costs may be available for a limited number of participants based on needs.

Organising committee:

Agnieszka Althaber1,2, Nicole Kapelle3,4, Ellie Suh5,6, and Daria Tisch7

1 Collaborative Research Centre TRR 294 Structural Change of Property, Jena; 2 Institute of Sociology, Friedrich-Schiller University Jena; 3 Department of Social Sciences, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, 4 Nuffield College, University of Oxford, 5 Centre for Household Assets and Savings Management, School of Social Policy, University of Birmingham; 6 Department of Education, University of Oxford; 7 Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies, Cologne

If you have any questions about this workshop, please get in touch with Dr Ellie Suh.

Download Call for Papers [PDF 78KB]