Poverty, precarity, saving and debt

Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the UK in February 2020, unemployment, poverty and debt have all increased significantly and look set to rise still further, while some groups have seen their savings increase.

CHASM’s major contribution to research on poverty and debt was showcased across the nation in the University of Birmingham ‘Heroes’ campaign in 2019, while our work on savings has led to better access to savings opportunities for those on lower incomes. This theme continues, and extends, our vital work in this area to include research on the fragmentation of poverty, labour market insecurity and precarious work, as well as a greater focus on poverty and precarity among migrant and marginalised groups.

Current Projects

Understanding the Financial Lives and Vulnerabilities of Castle Vale Community Housing Tenants
Özlem Ögtem-Young

Displacement and Financial Inclusion: Financial Lives of Ukrainian Women Seeking Protection in the UK
Özlem Ögtem-Young

The gig economy and social protection
Lorenza Antonucci

Furlough and its effects on household finances
Christoph Görtz, Danny McGowan and Mallory Yeromonahos

Mortgage Holidays and Financial Distress during the Covid-19 Crisis
Christoph Görtz, Danny McGowan and Mallory Yeromonahos

Covid Realities: families on low incomes during the pandemic
Kayleigh Garthwaite

Journey to Financial Exclusion and Vulnerability: UK Immigration Policy and the Lives and Livelihoods of Displaced Migrants
Özlem Ögtem-Young

A Tenants Journey: Social Housing and Life Chances 
James Gregory

Housing and Communities Research Group 
Halima Sacranie

Previous Projects

Wellbeing and tenure - does home ownership really add up for social tenants? 
James Gregory and Andy Lymer

After the Saving Gateway: How can social tenants be helped to save?
Ricky Joseph and Karen Rowlingson

Problem Gambling in Birmingham 
Karen Rowlingson and Carl Packman

Financial capability for University students
Andy Lymer

Assessing financial literacy in secondary schools
Lindsey Appleyard and Peter Davies

Children and financial capability
Karen Rowlingson and Lindsey Appleyard

Improving financial wellbeing for those on lower incomes - the Help to Save Project 
Andy Lymer, Karen Rowlingson, James Gregory

Towards a savings manifesto for lower-income households (Feb-Sept 2016)
Karen Rowlingson, James Gregory and Andy Lymer

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