Risk and financial security in later life

Planning for later life now requires the careful negotiation of a range of risks and uncertainties, from personal life events over which people have limited control, to the market risks associated with financial transactions, especially in respect of complex financial products.

Our work in this theme focuses on understanding and addressing the challenges and inequalities associated with the individualisation of responsibility for financial wellbeing in, and for, later life. We have carried out research on saving for retirement, pension decision-making, paying for care, and later life lending.

Current Projects

The Costs of Caring: Gender, Care and Personal Finance
Louise Overton and Maxine Watkins

Pension Decision Making in the New Retirement Landscape
Louise Overton and Chris Q Smith

Finding and Funding Social Care
Louise Overton

Developing a decision support tool for self-funders 
Louise Overton and Maxine Watkins

Previous Projects

Home investments and ageing-in-place: comparing policy contexts and household practices in the UK and the Netherlands
Louise Overton

Measuring material deprivation amongst pensioners
Steve McKay

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