REDI-Updates: The challenge of implementing, understanding and measuring "levelling up"

Welcome to the latest edition of REDI-Updates – providing expert data insights and clear policy guidance for levelling up the UK. 

In previous editions we looked at the challenges and opportunities of inclusive growth, and the impact of Covid on the UK and the long road to recovery. In this edition of REDI Updates the WMREDI team focuses on the government’s flagship policy - the Levelling Up agenda.

We look at the morbid symptoms of low-growth and low-productivity in the UK, the challenges of Levelling Up, international examples of success stories, and the role of employment support and skills in Levelling Up. We also examine the impact it might have on R&D spending, the role of Universities in Levelling Up and how we can measure it’s impact.

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Director's Introduction
International Success Stories
Mobilising the power of Universities in levelling-up
Less is more? Will the Levelling Up White Paper rebalance the regional distribution of R&D spending?


The Challenge of Implementing, Understanding and Measuring "Levelling Up"
 City-REDI Blog, Simon Collinson, Ben Brittain, May 2022

Levelling Up: There Are International Success Stories the UK Should Look To
City-REDI Blog, Abigail Taylor, June 2022

Mobilising the Power of Universities in Levelling-Up: A new Universities and Regions Policy Forum 
City-REDI Blog, Professor John Goddard, Rebecca Riley, Professor Anne Green, Professor Chris Millward, Des McNulty and Mike Boxall, June 2022

Less is More? Will the Levelling Up White Paper Rebalance the Regional Distribution of R&D Spending?
City-REDI Blog, Carolin Ioramashvili, Kelvin Humphreys and Simon Collinson, June 2022

The Challenges of Levelling Up
City-REDI Blog, Alice Pugh and Professor Anne Green, June 2022

Levelling Up Inter-Regional and Inter-Urban Inequality in the UK and the Geography of Discontent: A Historical and International Perspective
City-REDI Blog, Professor Raquel Ortega-Argiles, July 2022

A Partnership Approach: The Role of Employment Support and Skills in Levelling Up
City-REDI Blog, Professor Anne Green and Dr Abigail Taylor, July 2022

The Morbid Symptoms of Low-Growth and Low-Productivity: Is Devolution the Key to Levelling-Up?
City-REDI Blog, Rebecca Riley, Ben Brittain, July 2022

Levelling Up: Policy Changes Related to Spending and Funding
City-REDI Blog, Alice Pugh, July 2022

Using Sustainable Development Goals as Indicators for Levelling Up
City-REDI Blog, Emerzon Somera, August 2022

Where is 'The Level' in 'Levelling Up?
City-REDI Blog, Josh Swan, Rebecca Riley, Hannes Read, August 2022

Issues Around Levelling Up Evaluation for Place-Based Interventions
City-REDI Blog, George Bramley, August 2022

Lessons from City-REDI / WMREDI Research on Levelling Up
City-REDI Blog, Rebecca Riley, August 2022