Built environments research

Our researchers are helping cities better balance economic, social and environmental needs, and investigating how to re-engineer urban environments so that they are more liveable and resilient to major challenges.

Research highlights

  • The Power and Infrastructure Research Group carries out cutting-edge research that provides sustainable and resilient solutions to some of the complex engineering issues faced by humanity in the 21st century.
  • The National Buried Infrastructure Facility (NBIF) is a unique facility for research, education and training in buried infrastructure-ground interaction, soil stabilisation and improvement, geophysical sensing, pipeline detection and condition assessment, tunnelling and trenchless technologies.
  • The Resilient Cities theme within the Institute for Global Innovation draws on research expertise that covers infrastructure, decarbonisation, air quality, physical and mental health, governance, public services and economics.
  • Symbiosis is an interdisciplinary network set up to research and develop the role of the arts and the humanities in natural history museums and collections.

The Institute for Global Innovation: Resilient Cities