Discovery and Translational Science

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We are investigating the pathological mechanisms underpinning common illnesses throughout the body, including periodontitis, cancer, hypertension and inflammatory disease. We are pioneering the development and translation of novel compounds and drug delivery systems to enhance our treatments of disease. We are conducting world-leading research using innovative biomaterials and technology along with cell and tissue engineering to promote repair and regeneration for degenerative diseases. Our research platforms encompass the whole spectrum from discovery and translation to clinical trials while assessing best clinical practice in medicine and dentistry.

Dr Lisa HillTheme Lead
Dr Lisa Hill

Lecturer in Ocular Disease and Drug Delivery

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Drug Discovery, Design and Repurposing

PI: Dr Hanene Ali-Boucetta Efficient intracellular delivery and targeting of small molecules and macromolecules

PI: Professor Nicholas Barnes Targeting 5-HT and P2X7 receptors to treat disease

PI: Dr Giovanni Bottegoni Small molecule development for limited ligandability targets

PI: Dr Rowan Hardy Steroid metabolism and chronic inflammatory diseases

PI: Dr Richard Horniblow Novel drug delivery for treatment of intestinal disease

PI: Dr Alan Jones Design and effective delivery of bioactive small molecules. Jones Molecular Synthesis Group

PI: Dr Marie-Christine Jones New drug delivery systems and the evaluation of their behaviour in a physiological environment

PI: Dr Farhat Khanim Drug repurposing for effective treatment of blood cancers

PI: Dr Chris McConville Design, formulation and characterisation of novel dosage forms and delivery devices to improve therapeutic outcomes

PI: Dr Isolda Romero-Canelón Discovery and development of metal-based anticancer agents

PI: Dr Kimberley Roper Synthesis of novel small molecules for applications within the medical field

PI: Dr Chris Tselepis Developing novel therapies for the treatment of intestinal diseases

Cell Engineering, Regeneration and Repair

PI: Dr Geoffrey Brown Engineering the development and differentiation of haematopoietic stem cells 

PI: Dr Josette Camilleri Formulation and development of mineral trioxide aggregates for tissue restoration and repair

PI: Professor Paul Cooper Pulp biology, dental caries and mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) repair

PI: Dr Lisa Hill New regenerative therapies for glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration

PI: Professor Will Palin Photobiomodulation as a novel therapy for tissue repair and healing

PI: Dr Upen Patel Therapeutic ultrasound for the repair of the dental pulp

PI: Dr Gowsihan Poologasundarampillai Novel biomaterials for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine

PI: Dr Ben Scheven Programming mesenchymal and dental stem cells for tissue repair and regeneration

PI: Dr Richard Shelton Tissue engineering of skin, bone and oral mucosa

PI: Dr Phillip Tomson Characterisation of material directed pulp tissue repair

PI: Professor Damien Walmsley Ultrasound to improve wound healing following surgical cutting of bone and tissue

Biological Basis of Disease

PI: Dr Keith Brain Pathophysiology of bladder overactivity

PI: Professor Iain Chapple New mechanisms and treatments for periodontitis

PI: Dr Martin Chidgey Dysfunctional cell-cell junctions in skin and cardiac disease

PI: Dr Andrew Coney Developmental hypoxia as a driver of adult cardiovascular and neuroendocrine disease

PI: Dr Alex Conner Aquaporins and GPCRs in health and disease

PI: Dr Sarah Conner Role of sperm DNA damage in male factor infertility

PI: Dr Vivek Dhir Defects in the sulphation pathway resulting in disease

PI: Dr Melissa Grant Pathobiology of oral inflammatory diseases

PI: Dr Katarzyna Gurzawska Causes and possible new treatments of bone pathology

PI: Professor Lorraine Harper Molecular pathogenesis of vasculitis

PI: Dr Josefine Hirschfeld Biological causes and treatments of periodontitis

PI: Dr Andrew P Holmes Cardiovascular and metabolic disease caused by hypoxia

PI: Professor Moritz Kebschull Pathophysiology of periodontal and peri-implant diseases

PI: Dr Sarah A Kuehne Anaerobic bacteria and their role in pathogenesis and health

PI: Professor Prem Kumar Hypoxia sensing by the peripheral chemoreceptors in health and disease

PI: Professor Gabriel Landini Oral cancer biology

PI: Professor Janice M Marshall Neural and local control of tissue blood flow in response to systemic hypoxia and exercise

PI: Professor Mike Milward Microbiology of oral inflammatory diseases

PI: Dr Clare J Ray Pathological interactions between hypoxia and hyperglycaemia in the cardiovascular system

PI: Professor Attila Sik Cellular mechanisms and the effect of altered oxygen tension on central neuronal networks and working memory

PI: Dr Robert Stephenson Morphological and functional alterations of the working myocardium associated with congenital heart disease

PI: Dr Chris Tselepis Delineating the role of iron in gastrointestinal disease

PI: Dr Sarah Waring Histomorphological identification and stratification of oral cancers

PI: Dr Malgorzata Wiench DNA methylation and chromatin organization in cancer-related gene regulation

Transforming Patient Care

PI: Abdullah Al Hamid Assessing pharmacovigilance and medication safety in the UK and developing countries

PI: Professor Julian Bion Improving the treatment and management of sepsis

PI: Professor Jamie Coleman Drug safety, adverse drug reactions and medicines optimisation

PI: Dr Anthony Cox Assessing the safe and rational use of medicines in the clinic

PI: Professor Thomas Dietrich Clinical and epidemiologic research on the causes and treatments of oral diseases

PI: Dr Kirsty Hill Dental public health and behavioural science

PI: Dr Zahraa Jalal Monitoring adherence to medicines and effective prescribing

PI: Professor John Marriott Facilitation and evaluation of drug clinical trials in paediatrics

PI: Professor Una Martin Improving the diagnosis and treatment of hypertension

PI: Dr Alexander John Morris Dental public health and epidemiology

PI: Dr Vibhu Paudyal Pharmaceutical public health, minor ailments management and self-care

PI: Dr Sarah Pontefract Patient safety, medicines optimisation and the use of electronic patient records

PI: Dr Vahid Ravaghi Exploring socioeconomic inequalities in oral health and oral health care

PI: Dr Steven Sadhra Occupational risk factors and workplace interventions for respiratory disorders, contact dermatitis and occupational cancer

PI: Professor John Skelton Clinical communication and language of the doctor-patient consultation