Current CPR Projects


Enhanced management of acute post-traumatic pain for the prevention of chronic pain and disability

How does back pain cause disability? Inception cohort study with causal mediation analysis to identify specific mechanisms that explain the progression from acute to chronic pain and disability

The relation between pain extent and neck pain related disability, quality-of-life, psychological factors in patients with chronic neck pain of traumatic or non-traumatic onset.

Exploring possible associations between perceived pain extent and clinical features, psychological outcomes and  burden of headache in headache sufferers

Dose pain extent predict outcomes following a programme of neck specific exercise in patients with whiplash-associated disorders?

Physiotherapy stratified rehabilitation post lumbar spinal fusion

Physiotherapy stepped care rehabilitation post lumbar discectomy

International framework for Examination of the Cervical Region for potential of Cervical Arterial Dysfunction prior to Orthopaedic Manual Therapy Intervention

Investigation of the health implications of substituting sedentary time with light and moderate intensity physical activity for people with / at high risk of knee osteoarthritis

Exercise 'prehabilitation': A novel intervention to protect against disuse-induced muscle atrophy and sarcopenia in the old.

Promotion of physical activity in middle aged and older adults with lower limb osteoarthritis

Responsiveness of older muscle to resistance exercise training and protein/ essential amino acid supplementation

Manipulative practice in the thoracic spine: a survey of current practice within UK Physiotherapists.

Intra-rater and inter-rater reliability in locating cervico-thoracic latent myofascial trigger points.

Cervico-thoracic muscle dysfunction in whiplash associated disorders: a systematic review.

How well does BackActive improve self-efficacy, psychological distress and fear in patients with persistent low back pain? A Service Evaluation.

Intra- and inter-rater reliability of shear wave elastography for evaluation of peripheral and spinal muscle stiffness.

Thoracic spine dysfunction in a military population presenting with a primary shoulder complaint.

Clinical effects of thoracic non-thrust spinal mobilisation: a systematic review.

Upper Quadrant Dysfunction in Elite Athletes with Limb Loss: A Retrospective Analysis.

The effect of sedentary and physical activity behaviours on thoracic spine mobility: an observational study.

Development and evaluation of a novel active behavioural Intervention as a complex intervention to prevent development of chronicity in Whiplash Associated Disorder.

Evaluation of physiotherapy Independent Prescribing as a component of low back pain management.

Development and evaluation of a novel behavioural exercise intervention for management of pain from osteoarthritis.

Early identification of pars defects and spondylolisthesis and spondylolisthesis in elite athletes with low back pain to inform precision rehabilitation